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Ski touring

Ski touring has been increasingly popular in recent years, and at Kubínska hola we don't forget the enthusiasts of this winter sport either, but the pistes primarily serve the users of chair lifts and ski lifts, who pay for their use.

Why is ski touring on Kubínská worthwhile?

Unforgettable views
Adjusted slope
The road through the forest
Safe terrain

Since the preparation (snowmaking) and daily grooming of the slopes, as well as the clearing of access roads and parking lots, costs us a lot of money, we started charging them for ski tourers as well.

Until now, ski tourers used all these services free of charge, while all costs were borne by the skiers or our resort. Therefore, also for these reasons, we have decided to charge for the use of the downhill and ski slopes on Kubínska hola.

You can buy access to the slopes once (every time you visit the resort) or by purchasing a season ticket, which entitles you to use the ski slopes throughout the 2023/2024 winter season. The ticket price includes:

  • snowmaking of the slopes, without which the ascent would be impossible, especially during the warmer seasons
  • the daily grooming of the slopes you use when going down
  • shoveling and dusting of roads
  • clearing and use of parking spaces

Ski tourers price list

You can find detailed explanations regarding discounts, price list instructions and center operation in the ski pass price list!

Tycket type
1 x entry ski tourers
Seasonal - ski tourers
Tycket type
Price (for all ages)
1 x entry ski tourers
6,0 €
Seasonal - ski tourers
60,0 €

ATTENTION: The ticket 1x entry for ski tourers / seasonal – ski tourers entitles the buyer to enter only on the marked (marked) ski alpinist tracks in the resort, during the resort’s daily operating hours (the ticket is not valid during evening skiing), does not entitle the buyer to ride on transportation facilities (cable cars and lifts).

1 x entry for ski tourers – the ticket is valid for one person, only on the day of its purchase.

Seasonal ski tourers – the ticket is valid for the entire winter season 2023/24, it is issued for first and last name, the holder is obliged to enter his first and last name, date of birth and his photo will be taken at the cash desk in the resort. These data serve only for the purpose of proving whether the ticket is used by the person in question, who is listed on the ticket and in the system as the owner. The ticket is issued on a chip card with a deposit of €2.

If the authorized employee discovers that the ski alpinist does not have a valid ticket with him, or is using a season ticket (ski pass) of another person, he has the right to exclude him from the use of ski tourers and downhill tracks and to block this ticket (ski pass) without compensation for a refund.

The buyer is obliged to follow the General Terms and Conditions of the Kubínska hoľa SKI PARK, the Rules for ski tourers, the Mountain Rescue Service Act no. 544/2002 Coll. and instructions of authorized staff. The full text of the General Terms and Conditions and Rules for ski alpinists are also available at the cash desk in the SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa resort.

On the map of the resort, you will find marked ski slopes that start from the Green Hotel, depending on the snow conditions, exiting the slope will only be possible from the edge of the slope, beyond the slope marked with portable pole markings.


Zimná mapa strediska

ATTENTION: The CENTER is CLOSED (including parking lots) between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.! Ski alpinists and all unauthorized persons are prohibited from entering the slopes! There is a risk of injury from the cables of snow machines and track-making machines, especially winches with unrolled rope. Entry is prohibited even after 4:00 p.m., that is, even during evening skiing! Because of the constant threat to their own safety and the destruction of freshly groomed slopes.

Rules for ski tourers when moving on downhill ski tracks and ski-alpine routes in the Kubínska hoľa resort.

The pistes are mainly used by users of cable cars and lifts. In order to prevent collisions and injuries on the slopes, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the conditions for the movement of ski alpinists on the ski tracks and, in addition to the FIS rules, also follow the following recommendations:

  1. Ski tourers ascents and descents are at your own risk and responsibility. In case of arbitrarily entering inaccessible zones, disregarding closures, violating the opening hours of the center and the instructions of the Mountain Rescue Service (HZS), the participant of the ski mountaineering ascent takes full responsibility for his actions.
  2. Ski touring climbs should only be carried out along the designated ascent route within the center (indicated by the yellow line on the map), or always along the edge of the piste, beyond the piste border marked with portable pole markings.
  3. Always take the climb one after the other, not next to each other. Traverse the slope at a sufficient distance and only in marked places.
  4. Pay extra attention to the movement of skiers on the slope and to the traffic on the piste so as not to endanger or injure yourself or others.
  5. It is especially necessary to be careful in front of peaks, narrow places, on steep places, on icy terrain, when crossing a slope and not crossing in unclear places.
  6. Adapt the speed of ascent and descent to your ability, snow conditions, weather conditions, environment, frequency on the slope and time reserve to safely leave the slopes before the end of the time reserved for ski alpinists.
  7. Do not enter the closed slopes or their parts. Follow the local signs and instructions of the HS, cableway, lift and ski slope operators. Do not enter the slopes outside of official operating hours.
  8. It is forbidden to enter the slopes and ski tracks and routes with a dog.
  9. Parts of the ski touring routes can be located in the territory of protected areas – The Horná Orava Protected Landscape Area, therefore visitors are obliged to comply with generally binding legal regulations regarding the movement and behavior of persons in these areas. Ski touring can only be done when there is enough snow to avoid damage to plants and soil. It is important to be considerate of wildlife as animals are disturbed.
  10. Follow the resort’s white code.
  11. By using the areas designated for ski touring, the participant of the ski touring ascent undertakes to comply with these Rules for ski tourers, General terms and conditions of SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa, Law on Mountain Rescue Service no. 544/2002 Coll. and instructions of authorized staff. In the event of a violation of these rules, the authorized employee is entitled to prevent the participant of the ski touring ascent from entering the designated areas for ski tourers (ski tourer routes) and downhill tracks.

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