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Orava region

Kubínska hoľa rises above the town of Dolný Kubín, which is the regional, cultural and historical center of Orava. The striking region hides several sights and attractions.

Attractions in the vicinity

Orava Castle

One of the most important Slovak castles – Orava Castle, is only a few kilometers away from Kubínská hola. The uniqueness of the Orava Castle is in its details - precisely furnished rooms that reveal a part of history to you. The castle offers many exhibitions, cultural and accompanying activities. When visiting Kubínská hola, you should definitely not miss the castle.

16 km from Kubínska hoľa

Raft Orava

Sightseeing cruise on an ancestral raft along the Orava River under the ramparts of the Orava Castle, which has been a proud landmark of Orava for almost 800 years. During our cruise, you will have unique views of the Orava Castle and you will go back to the past at least for a while. An expert interpretation of the history of sailing on the Orava is part of the cruise. The start of the cruise is in Horná Lehota, and the cruise takes 1 hour to Oravské Podzámek.

16 km from Kubínska hoľa

Orava forest railway

Wooden carriages with large windows, pulled by a historic locomotive, will take you to one of the most beautiful hills in the area, where you will be amazed by the view of pure paradise nature, the surrounding blooming meadows and hills. The track undulates through the magical surroundings of Orava, so the carriages are adapted so that you have a good view of the surrounding nature. The experience is especially the ride in a coach without a roof.

54 km from Kubínska hoľa